Cancellation and Refund policy depends on the hotels and resorts where the reservation has been made , and it varies from hotel to a hotel and factors such as the seasonality , duration between the date of cancellation and the check in date , etc  .BWD Group Holiday will charge a processing fee of 10% in case of cancellations / amendments .

Cancellation Policy
* 20% Charge of the total Package booking on amendment/Plan Change.
* 30% cancellation of the package cost after confirmation/issuing the hotel voucher.
* 50% cancellation of the package cost before 10 days of the travelling date.
* 100% cancellation of the package cost before 07 days of the travelling date.
* No. flexibility at the time of Travel in the plan.
* Any train and flight tickets cancellation will be applicable as per Indian railway / airline rules and refund/adjustment can be given only after receiving the refund from train or airline company.
* No cancellation & any refund will be made at any cost in case of bad weather or landslide and natural digester, or terrorism and which is beyond the control of the age.we will heartly help you in that situation which is possible from our side .
* Cancellation & other policies as per the hotel/company rule.
* All cancellation are to be communicated in written by mail.
* Any amendment in the original booking u have to update in written by mail.
* There are no refund due to any pandemic or virous attack in that situation we can amend your travel date for the future booking .

* Travel Insurance only Offered on your Request it’s covered by third Party.
* Cancellation chargeable will be applicable as per the policy.